THIS WEEK’S MUST READ: Hell Spawn (Saint Tommy NYPD #1) by Declan Finn

Every Friday I tell you about a new book/author you really should be reading. This week it is:

Hell Spawn (Saint Tommy NYPD #1), by Declan Finn

Short version: A cop with the powers (charisms) of a saint (bilocation, smelling evil, et al) faces a possessed serial killer. And this is only the start of his problems.

Genre: Catholic Action horror, UF 

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There’s a whole series and a slew of novels in the series.

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Hell Spawn ( #1):

Death Cult (#2)

Infernal Affairs (#3)

City of Shadows (#4)

Crusader (#5)

Deus Vult (#6)

Coven (#7)

Hussar (#8)

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