This Week’s Must Read: Abnormally Abbey by Allan Evans

Every Friday I tell you about a new book/author you really should be reading. This week it is:

Abnormally Abbey by Allan Evans

Being a spook magnet is not as glamorous as it sounds.

There’s something seriously wrong with the summer camp 14-year old Abbey is sent to. It’s not just the troubled kids, or the clueless camp counselors or even all the ghosts–yeah, the ghosts have found her there too–but now there’s a mysterious symbol that keeps appearing at all the worst moments. Abbey is not a happy camper.

But she is a fighter and can go from princess to warrior when there’s a mystery to solve. As long as Abbey has her 80s music, there’s no one–alive or dead–that’s going to stop her. So, bring on the dead people, spooks and spirits. This girl ain’t afraid of no ghost.

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