Black Friday

Call it Black Friday in the House of the Superversive Scribe:
Facebook – Gone – Replaced by MeWe
Twitter – Gone 
Google (Chrome, G-mail, Google Earth & You Tube accounts) – Gone – replaced by DuckDuckGo
Firefox – Gone – replaced by Brave
Amazon – Its going to be a long, hard process and I’m not sure I’ll ever be 100% uncoupled from them, but I’ve begun the process of trying to sever as much from them as I can. Moving print (hardcover & paperback) to either Ingram Spark or LuLu depending on who offers the best quality and pricing. Moving my own e-books and all new e-books to Draft2Digital and going wide as well as selling directly from my website here.
Exploring back-up options for my website and blog in case WordPress joins the Cancel Crusade.
There is an author, A.J. Moya, who is exploring ways to support indie authors away from Amazon. If you are interested, e-mail him at and tell him I sent you. He seems legit.
As Brian Niemeier says, “Don’t Give Money To People That Hate You.”
I don’t do politics, but I cannot abide this avalanche of censorship by the Big Tech Gestapo. No matter who is getting censored because of their political views, it is wrong. So, I will take my presence, and my money, elsewhere.

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  1. Recommend connecting with other authors and creators on MeWe. There are a number of indies getting together in groups, and there are also a number of IT knowledgeable folks on MeWe. JD Cowan has the ‘PulpRev’ group set up. As you encounter obstacles and solutions, collecting them into a How-To for other indie creators may be of value. Just some thoughts.

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