This Week’s Must Read: When The Gods Fell by Richard Paolinelli

Every Friday I tell you about a new book by an author that you really should be reading. This week’s book/author is:

WHEN THE GODS FELL, by Richard Paolinelli

Yes, this week its one of mine that is getting featured. So if you have a few buck left on that Amazon gift card and you are looking for a great sci-fi/fantasy Alt-History read look no further.

“I have waited for this day for many millions of your years,” the woman continued. “I feared that you would not come in time.”

“Who are you?” Matsuo asked, the first of the two men to find his voice.

“My name is Oracle Veritas,” she replied, “I am of the House of Delphi in the Caste Olympia. I have been tasked to tell you our story. There is much to tell and precious little time to tell it.”

“Why?” Buffa asked.

“Because a dark force is rising up once again,” the strange woman replied. “And I fear that this time it will destroy us once and for all.”

– When The Gods Fell

The first mission to Mars discovers our origin stories were wrong. Earth’s gods, led by Zeus, Odin, Ra, and Lucifer, waged a terrible war on the Red Planet millions of years ago; but the final battle still looms, and Earth will be the final battlefield.

What the reviewers thought:

The modern-day story mythology fans have all been waiting for can at last be read and enjoyed by readers everywhere thanks to author Richard Paolinelli. His latest novel When The Gods Fell is a sci-fi/ fantasy wonder that is difficult to even summarize because there is so much that happens within this story, but if readers should know anything before starting Paolinelli’s latest novel, it is this: that they are in for one heck of an enjoyable ride. When The Gods Fell has everything: prophecies, space travel, gods, God, mythology, theology, politics, plotting, alliances, backstabbing, the past, the present, the future, the list goes on and on. It is a story to boggle the mind as it shoots down every assumption readers come up with and leaves them undoubtedly wanting more come its riveting conclusion. – Alicia Smock

This was hands-down awesome. This is one part 2001, one part Dan Simmons, and one part Babylon 5, with a hint of Mass Effect for seasoning. The short version? The concepts are brilliant The execution is spot on. There is about 10-15% of the book that needed a little bit of a trim, but aside from that? Wonderful. – Declan Finn

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