A look ahead to 2021

Yesterday, I wrote a pretty grim review of 2020 in general. Look, let’s be honest, 2020 was a pretty grim year overall. I  mean, the Dodgers won the World Series in 2020. No year is a good year when that crap happens. (Sorry, not sorry Dodgers fans)

So let’s look ahead. Here in my neck of the woods we still have a few hours to go until 2021 officially arrives.  But at least the year ahead looks better than the one behind.  We have a vaccine for the virus that has upended our lives and hopefully we will soon put COVID-19 in the same rear-view mirror along with H1NI and the others that came before.

The election insanity will wind down, one way or another, within the next three weeks. Whether 45 remains in office for four more years (yes, this is still a possibility) or if 46 hangs out in the basement eating pudding while 46.5 and other people run the country remains to be seen. We still have a lot of civil unrest in the major cities, but that seems to be coming to a head too, or so I hope.

So, lets go positive here and hope that once these issues fade off the front page headlines we can get back to better days and better things. For me professionally, this means back to writing books. And, if I can hold to the schedule I have set for myself, that means several books coming out in 2021 and early 2022.

First, I’m finishing the Timeless series!!!! Books 3 thru 6 should be out by no later than this summer. In late February or early March I’ll be releasing Galen’s Way, my first run at Space Opera. It features smuggler/mercenary Galen Dwyn, who has been hired to rescue a kidnapped Princess being held on a fortress planet.

Dwyn retrieves the Princess and promptly finds himself right in the middle of a pending war between an alliance of planets and a budding evil empire.  The book kicks off three connected series that spans two galaxies and millions of years and I already have the first five books mapped out. Check out the proposed, but not final, book cover.

I am currently working on finishing a book I began years ago but put aside because I never could figure out how to end it. Now, I have the ending settled and Firstborn’s Curse will be out soon, possibly even before Galen’s Way.

Firstborn’s Curse centers on a What If? surrounding the biblical character, Cain. The first human born of a woman, the first human to commit murder. What if, I ask, the mark on Cain’s forehead was not a warning to others not to harm Cain, but a warning to Death not to ever touch Cain?

Condemned to live forever with the guilt of what he’d done and to suffer the punishment for his crime for eternity. Firstborn’s Curse answers that question on the same night that a group of men, and a mysterious visitor, gather one cold, snowy night in Russia to murder the insane monk, Rasputin. Check out the proposed cover.

I’m also finally finishing the novelization of, Seadragon, the Elite Comics sci-fi/fantasy series from 1986. The cover shown is just a placeholder until we can find a cover artist to put together a final product. Its actually Tom Floyd’s back cover to Issue #1. The backstory of Seadragon never got properly visited in the six issues so I’m going back to do it justice and explain a few plot holes from back then too. I think  you’ll enjoy the story I’ve come up with.

I’m also going back to The Infinity Hotel with two books in 2021. The 2017 Dragon Award Finalist for Best Sci-Fi Novel, Escaping Infinity, gets two quick sequels. The first is an anthology, Exploring Infinity, in which about a dozen authors will explore certain aspects of the Infinity, either as it collects its guests through time, as the guests interact with the hotel once inside or in the years following Peter Childress’ finding the way back to the outside world. 

I will follow up the anthology with, Expanding Infinity, which takes place following the events that occur in the final chapter of Escaping Infinity. Check out the add for the Infinity Series, coming late in 2021.

And finally, 2021 looks to be a big year for the Del Rio series. The one item I can tell you about now is the release of the fourth book, Shades, later in 2021. What, you exclaim, didn’t Del Rio die at the conclusion of Endgames? Did he?, I reply. Did you not see the full-page question mark at the end of the book?

In Shades, a decade has passed since Del Rio’s assumed death. But he’s back on the Navajo Reservation to solve the murder of an old friend and bring his killers to justice. Check out the proposed cover.

There is one other bit of news concerning the Del Rio series but I really can’t share it right now. But once it becomes official, I will be shouting it from the rooftops.

So, as you can see, 2021 is shaping up to be very busy for me and my word processor. I hope your 2021 is as promising, and potentially as fulfilling, as mine is looking to be.


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