This Week’s Must Read: Planetary Anthology Series: Neptune, Edited by Jake Freivald

Every Friday I tell you about a new book by an author that you really should be reading. This week’s book/author is:

Planetary Anthology Series: Neptune, Edited by Jake Freivald

Artists in every era and medium have depicted Neptune as a tempestuous god with ever-changing moods, so it’s fitting that his anthology follows suit. In these pages, you’ll find stories by turns heroic, comic, pensive, absurd, uplifting, and ambiguous.

They also reflect different conceptions of what it means to be “related to Neptune,” as this volume was intended to be.

Some anchor themselves in mythology–the power of the sea, naturally, but also of earthquakes, along with Neptune’s love of horses and his sexual proclivities–while others focus on the planet, and still others are weird amalgams of Neptunian themes. Sometimes it’s just an beguiling blend of water and wonder. 

These pages are graced with stories from talented authors with a broad range of sensibilities and perspectives.

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