Ember Wars: Belisarius by Richard Fox & Ben Stevens

Two great writers, who happen to be good friends, have teamed up to produce your next must read book!
The greatest disaster in Pathfinder history. What happened to the crew of the starship Belisarius?
Being a Pathfinder was never meant to be easy. Chief Carson thought her team was on a straight forward babysitting mission for a war hero past his prime on an uninhabited planet, but when they encounter a race of aliens that aren’t what they seem…they’re thrust into a First Contact that no one is ready for.
Carson, her team and a former Strike Marine named Standish, find themselves in the middle of a millennia-long conspiracy that threatens the entire galaxy. The Pathfinders will need every last bit of luck and skill they have to save themselves, and those aboard the Belisarius.
Join the next Pathfinder adventure, and learn the secrets of the Belisarius disaster. This is an action and adventure science fiction story that could only happen in the Ember War.

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