The Great Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Sale

Usually on Friday I’m telling you about a book and an author you really should be reading.

Well, this Friday I’m going to give you a full week’s heads up on a great sale. Lots and lots of e-books for $0.99 and some will even be free for you to download!

The sale starts on November 25th at the stroke of midnight (Pacific Standard Time) and runs all the way through to the stroke of midnight (PST) on December 2nd. The sale features several authors and I will post a link to it as soon as it goes live. A similar sale ran around Labor Day with dozens of books available, including two of mine, and it was successful for both the readers and the authors who participated.

This time around, I am offering both Maelstrom and When The Gods Fell for just $0.99 each. Tuscany Bay Books is also including Pluto, Luna and Mars from the Planetary Anthology Series for $0.99 each.

What’s that, you say? You can’t wait until the 25th? Well, in the case  of the five books listed above, you don’t have to. All five are already listed on Amazon at the $0.99 price. So go get them now and get two novels and 60 short stories for just $4.95.

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