Sol Shines Over Amazon

The ninth book of the Planetary Anthology Series, and the fourth brand new book since Tuscany Bay Books took over the series from Superversive Press, is out today!

Planetary Anthology Series: Sol is out on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited today!


A print edition will be available. We submitted it to Amazon back on Nov. 5th and we’re still waiting for it to clear review and go live. As soon as it does I’ll post it. I wish I could say exactly when this will happen but so far Amazon has taken anywhere between 24 hours and two weeks to approve these books.

To say it is very annoying is an understatement but it is what it is.

This book has thirteen amazing stories, Ben Wheeler put together a rock solid collection and my story, At Homeworld’s End, is included. It is set well into the future, when the Earth meets its ultimate destiny, being swallowed up by a swelling, dying Sun.

But our homeworld is not meeting its end alone. One of her many children has decided to meet that fate with her. This first person account of the final day of Mother Earth, as Ben says in his introduction, is humbling and reminds us that we, too, are mortal.

This leaves just two more books remaining to be published in the series. Neptune, edited by Jake Frievald, will be released on Dec. 22nd. My story, The 13th Medallion, will be included. Saturn, edited by Bokerah Brumley, will be released on Feb. 2nd and my story, Phantoms’ Lodge, will be part of that collection.

This means I will have stories in eight of the 11 books, with Bokerah claiming the throne as Queen of the Planetary system with stories in all 11 books and A.M. Freeman as Crown Princess at stories in 10 of the 11 books.

I’m still waiting for the final number of stories from Saturn, but it looks like we’ll have about 180 stories from 90 different authors for the series. It has been an amazing series and an honor to be able to be involved in bringing all 11 books to you.

Of course, when Saturn drops on Feb. 2nd, my work still won’t be done. We’re producing audiobooks of all 11. So far, Pluto, Luna, and Uranus are finished and available for purchase. Mercury is finished and currently going through the final approval process at ACX. We hope it will be available by mid-December. Production on Venus begins next week.

Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Sol, Neptune, and Saturn will follow and I suspect it will take the rest of 2021 to get these projects finished.

In the meantime, enjoy the ninth book of the series!

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