Supernatural Streets, Edited by Rob Reed & Amie Gibbons

Every Friday I share with you a book that you really should be reading this weekend. This week’s book you really should read is: Supernatural Streets, an anthology of Urban Fantasy detective fiction edited by Rob Reed and Amie Gibbons.

Supernatural Streets brings together 14 Urban Fantasy authors to explore mysteries with a touch of Magic. The collection includes stories of psychic FBI agents, werewolf detectives, monster hunters, and an ordinary cop just trying to survive when the ritual daggers come out.

The anthology includes work by Dragon Award Finalist Declan Finn, Hugo Award nominated author Cedar Sanderson, best-selling authors Ryk E. Spoor and Julie Frost, and other fan-favorites and rising stars including: Brena Bock, Bokerah Brumley, Mickey Dubrow, Julie Frost, Amie Gibbons, A. C. Haskins, Paul Piatt, J. F. Posthumus, Rob Reed, Sam Robb, Ryk E. Spoor, and Dawn Witzke.

Get your copy now, its on sale for a short time only!

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