Trust Unto God, and He Shall Direct Your Path

Trust unto God, and He shall direct your path.”

This is the inscription written on a key that Mike Whittier (Dougray Scott) removes from a case left behind by Agent 47 (Timothy Olyphant) in the 2007 movie, Hitman. It is paraphrased from Proverbs 3; 5-6:  “(5) Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; (6) in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”

That line from Hitman has stuck with me over the past year. After a tumultuous stretch in 2018 and 2019, when it seemed like all was chaos and nothing was under control, I made a critical decision last December. Instead of worrying over that which I could not control, I would “trust unto God” that the path ahead would reveal itself to me. In the meantime, I would focus on that which I could control.

It started with a blog post back in December where I cut loose some of the baggage that was holding me back from what I wanted to do. It was a huge first step for me, and since that post I haven’t given a thought to any of those mentioned within it.

This approach has seen me through a 2020 that, as it has been for most all of us, has been very chaotic. COVID has dominated the year and I managed to contract it shortly after it had made its way to the United States from China. I was sick for a few days and recovered. But, according to my doctor, that exposure triggered a Shingles outbreak a few weeks later that hit on my face, swelling the right eye shut and narrowly missing the optic nerve.

I recovered from that, although there is a long-term, lingering issue with the nerves that run near the eye socket. Given some others with much more severe post-COVID issues – and of course those who died after contracting it (I think the 220,000+ number is over-inflated as there are too many examples of people who tested positive having died in a car accident and their death being added to the official COVID deaths numbers) – I will not complain about my manageable post-illness ails.

But 2020 was not yet done throwing everything, including the kitchen sink, in our direction. Through it all, both my wife and I have kept that one thought at the forefront as we navigated each crisis that presented itself: Trust in God and he will direct your path.

So here we are, near the end of October, in a year that has seen us relocate from Nebraska to Colorado’s Western Slope. The path was sometimes unclear and often uncertain, but we put our trust in God and he has lead us here to this point. Today marks four weeks since we pulled out of Omaha and tomorrow will be the fourth week since we arrived at our new home. One month in and I think it is safe to say we are exactly where we need to be and we are better off here and now than we were even a month ago.

So, why am I sharing all of this with you? Because next week a lot of the tumult and chaos that our political class has fueled and fanned will (hopefully) come to a head. No matter how things turn out on Nov. 3rd, I suspect there will be agitators on the losing side that will not quietly accept their defeat and move on. Too much has happened in the last four years to expect a calm response. All we can hope for is that certain political leaders will realize the error of creating the monster they unleashed in the name of political victory and bring it to heel. Assuming it isn’t too late to do so.

But for each of us, perhaps the best thing we can do individually for ourselves and our families and friends is to do just one thing: Trust unto God and he will direct all of our paths.

It has worked for me and mine over the last year. It can work for you and yours too.


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  1. On May 18th 1996 I received a GSW to the head and when I woke from my coma I read this same verse and it has served me well for over 25 years albeit I’m paralyzed on the leftside of my body I still function as a God fearing Person so much has happened most Good cause I believe in PROVERBS 3:5-6 Thanks for sharing.

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