Hello From Western Colorado

Well, another move in the books. We’re still getting things unpacked and getting settled in. So this will be a very brief post.

On the Iowa side of the Missouri River, looking at Nebraska, just north of Omaha.

The one thing that has struck me is that we just moved from a city that sat on the banks of one of America’s great rivers – the Missouri – and moved to another city that sits on the banks of another great American river – the Colorado.

If we were so inclined we could raft along the river through Utah, south to Arizona – passing through the Grand Canyon. Then turn westward toward Nevada – having to get out of the river long enough to trek around Hoover Dam. Then head south, where the Colorado River serves as the border between California and Arizona, and keep right on going until the river empties out into the Gulf of California that separates  Baja California and the Mexican mainland.

I’m not sure how long the trek would take, but seriously, if you’re rafting a long river in the first place, are you really in that big of a hurry?

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