Places Called Home: Grand Junction, Colorado

I’m writing this before we officially arrive at our new destination. I’m cheating, yes, but today, as you read this, we have arrived in Grand Junction and right now I am busy collecting keys to the new house, arranging for all of the things that need to be arranged before the unloading begins tomorrow morning.

welcome_colorado_sign1I’ve done this enough that its become second nature. Still, every moving in day has its challenges. Tomorrow, I likely won’t post anything at all. The Free Read Friday, Star Trek Fan Fiction and Superversive Sunday Spotlight features that will run this weekend have been plugged in for weeks in anticipation of the move.

I figure on Monday I’ll drop a live post here for the first time since our arrival in Colorado. Hopefully I’ll have some first impressions of our new home to share, and no wild anecdotes of the 800-mile drive to share.

But today, we’re in our new home, eager to find out more about it and hoping to find out if we’ve finally found the end to following that Wandrin’ Star.

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