Places Called Home: San Francisco Bay Area, California

I’ve called the Bay Area home on three different occasions.

The first go-around was in Half Moon Bay, right on the coastline. Its a tourist town mostly. But there’s something to be said about living near the ocean – until a Pineapple Express bombs the place, triggering a


mudslide that closes of Highway 1 (one of only two ways to get out of town) – even on the weekend when everyone from inland California shows up to get away from the heat.

The second time was after we left Colorado Springs and we landed in San Francisco. If it weren’t for the fact that I got to spent an incredible amount of time with my grandson because we were living there I’d say San Francisco was the worst place I’ve ever lived.

If you are a tourist, its a great place to visit. There’s no denying that. But live there? Hard pass. I’d list all of the things that make the place suck on toast, but we do try to be positive here. So lets go with the things to see when you visit.

The San Francisco Zoo and the Oakland Zoo are worth checking out, as is Pier 39. If you’re hungry, hit Don Ramon’s for great Mexican food near Folsom and 9th or the Delancey Street Restaurant on the Embarcadero. 

Other than that, I got nothing for you. 

Our last stay in the Bay Area came on the East Bay side, near Pittsburg. We stayed there a few months, right up until the night in 2015 when a 28-year-old man was walking past our apartment. My office was up front and he walked right by my window and right into an ambush. Five shots rang out. One bullet smashed into the outside wall not far from where I was sitting.

The young man did not survive. His body remained not far from our door until the police finally allowed the coroner to take him away. Listening to the man’s sobbing widow, as she sat as near to her fallen husband as the police would allow, all night is a memory I will never forget. I keep checking to see if his murder was ever solved. As far as I can tell, it has not. The only newspaper report I can find on the murder itself doesn’t even list the poor man’s name.

We decided we’d had enough of the Bay Area.

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