Places Called Home: Deming, New Mexico

The Kentucky experiment having yielded no good results, we headed for Deming, New Mexico, the headquarters for the company we’d been working for in Kentucky. It was going to be temporary, we knew that going in. The Guthrie Gamble had literally been an all or nothing bet.

We stayed in Deming for a couple of months, helping liquidate the company’s assets. But while there we discovered a couple of nice places. Rockhound State Park at the base of a large mountain looming over the KBobs_Las_Vegas_NMcity was a fun place to hike around. To the south lay the Three Sisters, a range of peaks that were almost uniform in height and marked the Mexican border. I actually crossed the border, legally, turned around and came right back. There wasn’t much to see in that area.

I did discover a chain of steakhouses there. K-Bobs back in the 1980s was probably the best steakhouse you could ever find. As an aside, we had a chance to dine at one that is still open a couple of years ago in northern New Mexico. Oh well, I still have those fond memories of 1980s K-Bobs.

Deming has a very nice golf course, it looked like it was in just as good of shape as it was in 1981 when I last drove through Deming in 2018. But, like Guthrie, we were barely there long enough to unpack.

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