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Starting today, we kick into Serious Moving Mode! Which means the last bit of packing up what we’re taking, tossing what we aren’t and wrapping up our final business in Omaha. Monday is load up and get out of town day.

The rest of the week is get to the destination, get moved in, buy stuff we’ll need for a larger place than the one we left behind, etc., etc. Which means between now and Oct. 5th I will have zero time for writing or blogging.

Which is why I’ve spent the last two weeks preloading all of the blog posts you will read from now until Oct. 6th. All the Places Called Home posts, the Free Read Fridays, The Superversive Sunday Spotlights, the Star Trek Fan Fiction chapters on Saturday the 26th and on Oct. 3rd have been written, loaded up and scheduled to run at their appointed times. Most of it is free, a couple of items require the Premium Membership subscription. Just $2 a month folks. Really, its worth it.

This is good because there will be a few days without internet access for me, even if I wanted to post something. In a way, I’m looking forward to a few unplugged days. The recent bombardment of political ads everywhere I turn online is getting tiresome.

So, for the next couple of weeks, enjoy the content I’ve programmed in, be safe, be well and get ready for a lot of “Guess what I just found here in Colorado” posts to come next month.


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