Richard’s Reviews: Carnal Knowledge by Rachael Tamayo

During my recent stint serving as a fill-in co-host for Jim Christina on The Writer’s Block on LA Talk Radio I got the opportunity to read Rachael Tamayo’s, Carnal Knowledge: A Deadly Sins Novel.

41aVOaD7FWLIt’s a psychological thriller and to be honest, that genre isn’t really my cup of tea. But, the format for TWB is that the hosts read the book so we can intelligently discuss the book with the guest. So read it I did.

It’s not an easy read either, but it is a very good read. It is a first-person story of a woman who awakens in her own bed on the very first page to the realization that she has been sexually assaulted. There’s also quite a lot of blood on and around her and it does not appear to be hers. She also has no memory of the night before after going to a bar with a friend.

As the story unfolds we discover that she is the latest target of a serial killer who stalks his victims over a period of weeks, even months. The police know about the killer, but so far they’ve not even come close to catching him.

The one thing I enjoyed about this book is how the author keeps you guessing as to who the killer is. At one point or another, all of the men in the character’s life will become prime suspects in your mind, only to be eliminated as a suspect on the very next page.

I had the killer accurately pegged at one point and then three pages later dismissed that character as the killer in favor of someone else. So when the final reveal comes, I was shocked. You will be too.

But you, like I was, will see that it all makes perfect sense at the end. The writer doesn’t cheat. Doesn’t bring in some mystery person at the very end. You will meet the killer and never know that this is the person terrorizing our main character.

I definitely recommend this book. But just not at night before you’re going to turn off the lights. You might not be able to go to sleep.

If you want to listen in as Bobbi Jean Bell and I talk with the author about this book on The Writer’s Block just click here.

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