1st Week of NFL-Free in the books and is Snyder Trolling the SJWs?

Since I’ve been asked this, yes I went the entire first week of the NFL season without watching a single second of a single game. That means no commercials were watched either Mr. Advertiser spending hundreds of thousands of dollars putting your ad on during the game.

Even my wife kept walking into my office to check. She knows what the usual drill is on Sundays starting in September and knows when the routine is not being followed.

nba-logoMany doubted I’d do it. Not sure why they doubted. I haven’t watched a single-second of an NBA game since LeBrat James, Duh-Whinny Wade and the Miami Cheats donned those hoodies in honor of a thief who took his MMA skills out of the safety of his home and jumped right into a gunfight.

As for the MLB, I haven’t watched a game this season. NASCAR was permanently turned off when Bubba Smollett faked a racist incident to try to land a bigger contract. Can’t say as I blame him. He’s not talented enough to win a race, its a major news story when he has a top 10 finish. Look, Danica Patrick came closer to winning the Daytona 500 and a road race – some idiot threw a shoe onto the track in front of her car and knocked her out of the lead – than Bubba Smollett ever has or ever will. The NHL got shown the door when they shut down in the middle of the playoffs to be “in solidarity” with the domestic terrorists-supporting NBA.

So, yeah, when the NFL kicked off on Thursday, I listened to The Writer’s Block on LA Talk Radio instead. When the games kicked off on Sunday, my TV stayed off. And Monday’s games? Sorry, I had better things to do with my time. It seems many have followed suit. Thursday night’s season opener was down 12% over last year’s numbers and it look’s like the Sunday night game was down anywhere between 23-28% over last year’s opening game. That’s a lot of people walking away from the NFL, Roger Goodell.

I spend five minutes tops every night, checking on the final scores, standings and playoff brackets of the teams. I spend no time whatsoever finding out what any of the players did.

RedskinsThey mean nothing to me. I will not remember, much less, say their names. Which brings me to the other point of this post. A friend sent me a link from a Fox News story on Washington Redskins (Yeah, I said THEIR name) owner Dan Snyder’s statement that he just might keep the team’s official name as: Washington Football Team.

Brilliant. Master trolling, Mr. Snyder.

What better way to tell the SJWs to go pound sand than to not pick a mascot name at all. Just put the first initial of the City or State on the helmet, choose your team colors and move on. I hope every team in every league looks at this idea and embraces it.

The Dallas Football Team

The Los Angeles Basketball team

The Other Los Angeles Basketball team that couldn’t win a championship even if you disqualified all the other teams first.

The Chicago Hockey Team

Then, remove the players’ names from the jerseys. No social justice statements, no nothing. Just a big number on the back, the City or State name on the front with a slightly smaller number so the refs can identify a player being called for an infraction.

500_F_144074590_HzfsYYzcWn6QkeAZpBYv53igre8NAshHSay, maybe – in the name of equality of course – all players would be required to play in a full body suit, covered from head to toe, and all in a very neutral and non-racist grey? 

Mr. Snyder? You, sir, are an evil genius!!!!

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