2020 DragonCon/Dragon Awards AAR

I meant to do this last week after DragonCon 2020 closed its virtual doors. But, even though I finally “attended” a DragoCon – albeit virtually – I figured I was going to escape the dreaded ConCrud. I mean, I never left my own house, so no way could ConCrud get me.

Serves me right for applying logic to a Con. I got ConCrud anyway.

While I am hoping DragonCon 2021 will be my first in-person attendance in Atlanta, assuming the Wuhan Flu is no longer a thing and the BLM/Antifa mob haven’t pulled a Sherman on the city, there was still a lot of good to come out of DC 2020, at least as far as I was concerned.


For one, I met a lot of the people that usually attend in person for the first time. There are quite a few folks I’m going to have to meet up with in person in Atlanta.

And I got to participate in my first DragonCon panel. You can watch the hour-long discussion right here: Superversive Dragons – 2020 DragonCon Fantasy Literature Panel.  This was a lot of fun to participate in with four other Superversive authors. I hope we can get together and do another panel next year, this time in the same room.

Of course, I need to touch on the Dragon Awards. You can read my reaction to the announcement of the finalists last month right here and right here. The winners were announced on Sept. 6th and to be honest, some of the winners only reinforced my belief that 2020 was a perfect storm that led to an aberration in the Dragons.

A combination of COVID, the actual Con being cancelled and leading many to believe that the Awards were scratched too and thus they did not nominate. Add in a major publisher – with an alleged history of paying for votes in other awards – backing the GoH, and a group that has dedicated itself to gaming the Dragons to prove some sort of insane point, one that would make a conspiracy theorist call for the white suits and butterfly nets, and you get this year’s Dragon Awards.

There were three deserving winners – Nick Cole and Jason Anspach, D.J. Butler and The Mandalorian. But for the most part, yuck.

And the yuck started with who made it as nominees to begin with. The Joker for Best SF/F Movie? A movie with no sci-fi and no fantasy elements gets nominated for a Dragon? And the Best Sci-Fi Novel category was a who’s who of what NOT to read.  

So, going in to 2021, the question will be this: Was 2020 an aberration we can put an asterisk by (say, even a wooden one, right David Gerrold?) or not?

I’m still thinking it will be the exception, rather than the rule. After all, 2020 has screwed up everything in sight, hasn’t it? Surely, 2021 will be a much better place.

I hope…


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