A Season Like No Other

Right about now, NFL games across the country will be kicking off to start the first Sunday of the new season. The season officially got underway last Thursday in Kansas City. I hear the Chiefs beat the Texans. I wouldn’t know how the game played out because I didn’t watch a second of it.

I not going to be watching today either. Nor later tonight, nor tomorrow night either. I won’t be watching next week, or the week after that. For the first time since the 1960s – when I didn’t watch my first game until I was five – I will not be watching NFL games.

sk120517daprUsually on Sundays like today I fire up the TV, make my last second adjustments to my fantasy lineup, and turn on NFL Redzone to catch all the action across every game being played. No more. I dropped out of both fantasy leagues I’ve been in for years when the NFL decided to yield to the players and bend the knee to the SJWs.

They are free to do so. But they can do so without another penny of my financial support. They can do so without my watching a single second of their advertisers ads. Many fans across the country are saying the same and it showed in Thursday night’s season opener’s ratings which were down from last year. I’m betting the ratings for today’s games will be just as bad.

A friend asked me if I would come back when, and if, the sports leagues woke up and realized how stupid they were to throw in with a bunch of domestic terrorists. My answer surprised even me: No. I won’t.

Back when I was a kid I didn’t care who played on which team. I just wanted to know if my team won, what was the final score and where were they in the standings. I’ve decided to go back to that philosophy.

I found a website that just lists the final scores and the standings. You can even set it to focus on specific teams. They cover every league around the world. Nice and simple. No more than five minutes out of my day and I have all the information I need.

No websites like ESPN that think they have to preach at the alter of Social Justice. No fluff pieces about players who, even if you spotted them the C, the A, and the T couldn’t spell the word CAT. No spoiled brat prima donna making $30 million a year to hit a ball with an overgrown toothpick, or put a ball in a hoop lecturing the rest of us down in the $15-25 an hour block how rough their life is here in the U.S.  No watching games being played in multi-billion dollar, and often taxpayer funded, palaces while millions of Americans go homeless while wondering if they’ll even get one meal on any given day, much less three.

How much money have we wasted on these players and stadiums? How much better spent that money would have been where it could have done some real good?

In addition to not wasting money on an endeavor that yields no overall good to humanity, I have the added bonus of discovering that I am enjoying all the other things I now have time to do.

And when these sports leagues go bankrupt, when these palaces crumble into abandoned ruins and these players get introduced to the harsh reality of life in the real world, that laughter you will hear will be coming from me. The sportsballers will have earned every last second of it.


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