Dear Darth J.J., Darth Rian, Get Lost

It’s no huge secret that I have loathed the last three Star Wars films foisted upon us by Darth J.J. Abrams and his apprentice, Darth Rian Johnson. As far as I am concerned the last watchable Star Wars movie was Rogue One.

My primary complaint is that The Force Awakens was just A New Hope with a new paint job and fancier special effects to cover up a weak script with weak new characters. The foundation was there in the form of Luke, Leia and Han, but they weren’t enough to cover the fatal flaws that led to the collapsed of the entire structure.

It’s typical of Abrams to try to use someone else’s material, put in the least amount of original work into it and then display it as something brand new. He screwed up the Star Trek franchise in the very same fashion.

Stealing what had come before, changing it in way that violate long-established canon, and then trying to pass it off as new and improved. Just as TFA was just a remake of ANH with a gender-swapped Like, Star Trek: Into Darkness was just a remake of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan with a whitewashed Khan.

What Rian Johnson did in The Last Jedi was hold up both hands and fully extend both middle fingers to long-time fans who were kids in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s and grew up on Star Wars. He is guilty of no less than homicide of a ficitional character with his treatment of Luke Skywalker.

What little remained of the Star Wars corpse was finished off by Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy when The Rise of Skywalker was released. Consider, the Palpatines complete their journey of utterly destroying the Skywalker family, skinning the carcass and wearing its skin as their own. Sounds like most of the subversive movement we’re seeing in science fiction and fantasy these days.

Given Rian Johnson’s history with science fiction – he directed Looper which has plot holes in it so wide you could easily fly the Millennium Falcon through them – coupled with Abrams’ work there is only one conclusion to make:

Neither man should ever again be allowed within a thousand miles of a SF/F movie project. It is clear they don’t understand the genre, have no respect for it or for established franchises, and should stick to producing comedies and TV shows. Let people who know what they are doing handle it from now on.


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