Remembering A Lost Friend

While today is a holiday for most of us, it is also a sad anniversary for me and several others.

8508685Michael Gibson was a friend to many. He was a husband, a father and an author, writing under the name Gibson Michaels, who had just completed a great trilogy. He was nearly finished with an epic sci-fi/fantasy novel, Eeire, when he made his way to his home office in Houston on the morning of September 7th, 2017. We were going to meet in Santa Barbara one week later.

The meeting never happened. He never got to finish his fourth book. He suffered a massive heart attack that morning, and passed quickly. Getting awakened at 5 in the morning by a phone call rarely brings good news. That morning was no exception.

It is still hard to believe his is no longer with us. He is still very much missed by his family and friends. Several of us combined our efforts to finish his final book for him. I hope someday soon it will be published. It really is a very great book. Whenever I read it it makes me wonder what other great stories Mike would have created were he still alive today.

And rather than be sad on this day, I think instead that I’ll count among the blessings of my life the fact that I called a man named, Michael “Reb” Gibson, my friend.

Gone, but never forgotten. 

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