I Finally Made It To DragonCon…sort of…

I’ve had a strange relationship with DragonCon over the last five years. It started in 2016 with the advent of the Dragon Awards. I was thrilled when a good friend of mine, Gibson Michaels, was a finalist in the Best Military Sci-Fi novel category with the final book of his sentience trilogy.


Of course, as he was sure was going to happen, David Weber won the award that year. Gibson wasn’t upset, he was thrilled just to be a finalist.

The same held true the following year when I was a finalist for Best Sci-Fi novel for the 2017 Dragon Awards with escaping Infinity. I had a pretty good idea that I was not going to win but I was then, and still am, very honored that I was a finalist. I got word that I was a finalist too close to the award ceremony in Atlanta to be able to make it.

But I had planned on attending DragonCon in 2018 but between a cross-country move and all sorts of health-related issues those plans were shelved. I didn’t try for DragonCon 2019 but I did have everything lined up to go this year. Hello COVID.

But after several near misses, I finally made it to DragonCon, virtually anyway. I recorded a panel with L. Jagi Lamplighter, Declan FInn, Hawkings Austin and Marina Fontaine for DragonCon 2020’s Fantasy Literature Track. It was a lot of fun and the hour passed far too quickly.

Check it out here: Superversive Dragons to the Sky! Panel Dragon Con 2020

Meanwhile, I’m going to start planning on actually attending DragonCon, in person, in Atlanta, in 2021.

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