Yep, We Finally ‘Cracked’

What happens when a bunch of authors are cooped up by COVID-19 for too long?

This. This is what happens:

103115653_3284018334951872_8134830657705460392_nTwo dozen stories by twenty great authors. Okay, myself and nineteen great authors and all based on those deliciously wonderful raptors: Chickens!

There are multiple genres – from fantasy to scifi to mystery and even non-fiction – within the collection. There’s sure to be something for any reader. The e-book is out now. The print version should be out by the end of the month.

As for my story, well, just imagine Star Wars meets Looney Tunes with a dash of Charlotte’s Web added in for spice. What comes out of that lunacy?

BARN WARS: The Rise of Brooster Motherclucker!!!

One of 24 stories certain to crack you up. Really, its an eggsellent collection. You’ll have a shell of a time and the yolk won’t be on you…

…look, I’ll stop if you’ll just buy the book, okay?

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