A Busy Week

I had been intending to post a couple of blog posts this week but man, did I get run over by an avalanche. In addition to getting the last of Planetary Anthology Series: Jupiter formatted for its September 29th release date, I had to get Planetary Anthology Series: Sol finished too.

Even though it won’t be released until November 10th, the odds are I’ll be tied up for a good portion of October. So, I’m getting a lot of stuff done now so it will be ready to go later. Which hasn’t left me a lot of free time to blog.

Over the next two weeks you should see a lot of activity blog wise. And for subscribers, new content should start appearing here for you as well. If you haven’t subscribed yet you really should. Just $2.00 a month – about the cost of a single bottle of pop – goes a long way around here.

I’ll be posting book reviews from books I recently read as part of my three-week run filling in as a co-host on The Writer’s Block – another reason why I’m running behind, show prep for that show takes up nearly two days every week. I met two new authors, I was already acquainted with the third, and read three really good books. Books you should probably check out for yourself.

Speaking of upcoming books. In addition to the last four Planetary books – I’m in Jupiter and Sol and still waiting to hear if my subs to Neptune and Saturn will be accepted – there are a few anthologies coming out in the next couple of months with stories of mine in them.

103361224_3287157481304624_4437439238547999834_nCracked, an anthology of Eggsellent Chicken Stories by Joyful Peacock Press, should be out sometime in September as an e-book. I’m hoping the print edition will follow shortly after because this is one book I want on my shelf.

My story, Barn Wars: The Rise of Brooster Motherclucker, is a spoof of Star Wars with a heavy dose of Looney Tunes thrown in for good measure. I had a lot of fun writing this one, in case you couldn’t tell from reading it.

PAS: Jupiter is the last of the second edition reprints of the Superversive Press Original Five. My story, Icarus Falls, is a bit of a monster length-wise, but it definitely fit the Superversive mold. It comes out on September 29th and you can pre-order your e-book copy here.

MX Publishing is releasing another collection of Untold Cases of Sherlock Holmes in the next few weeks. Edited by David Marcum, this collection will include my fifth published Sherlock Holmes pastiche, The Substitute Thief, which is based on the untold case: The Darlington Substitution Scandal – originally mentioned by Watson in A Scandal in Bohemia.


On November 10th, PAS: Sol releases and my story, At Homeworld’s End, is included. Sol is a brand new release in the overall series, and will be the fourth original release by Tuscany Bay Books’ in the series. You can pre-order it here.

If my stories make it into Neptune (The 13th Medallion) and Saturn (Phantoms’ Lodge) – not a guarantee at all – I will have stories in eight of the 11 books by the time they come out on Dec. 22nd and Feb. 2nd respectively. A distant second to both Bokerah Brumley and A.M. Freeman who deservedly look to be in all 11 books of the series. Both writers have contributed some of the best stories in the series.

One other anthology I’m waiting to hear from is Voices From The Plains, produced by the Nebraska Writer’s Guild, of which I am a member. I subbed two of my previously published stories. It will be nice to make it in to this one with some of my fellow Cornhusker scribes.

So, as I said above, I’ve been busy with writing-related work. Don’t even get me started on the non-writing-related insanity around here the last sixty days. That would take a full-length novel to sort out.

But, this weekend be sure to catch the latest Free Read Friday – you have to be a subscriber for that. But you don’t have to be a subscriber to read Chapter 10 of the second part of The Calling, my weekly Star Trek fan fiction series this Saturday morning. And check out the Superversive Sunday Spotlight feature on author J.J. Griffing on Sunday morning.

Catch you next week. Have a Superversive weekend!!! 

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