The Grand Re-Launch

In case you hadn’t already noticed, this website has undergone a few changes over the weekend. So I decided that maybe now was a good time to go over what is new, what has changed and what hasn’t changed.

First, the over theme, header image and color scheme have changed. The hope is that it will make it easier on you to read. Also, both AND point to this site. Since I’m going to be writing a more even mix of SF/F and mystery/thrillers over the next three years I figured I needed to market both domains.

The big change is that there is now premium content and an option for you to become a premium member, one of Scribe’s Penmen, on this site. The cost is just $2 a month and the recurring charge can be set up through PayPal.

You can sign up right here.

Now, if you choose not to become a premium member don’t worry, there will still be plenty of good stuff for you to enjoy for free. And if you should be so inclined to want to tip the artist on the way out the door, there is a tip jar set up to do just that with a one-Tip Jartime payment via PayPal for any amount of your choosing. Just click on the image over there, or the one located at the bottom of the Premium Membership page and you’ll be taken to PayPal to complete the transaction.

So what’s free here and what’s Premium content now? Well, I’m glad you asked. Here’s the rundown:


Some blog/Vlog posts

Star Trek Fan Fiction (Weekly posts every Saturday morning)

Superversive Sunday Spotlights (Weekly posts every Sunday morning)

The following pages will be free to read as well:

About, Awards, Appearances, Books, Helicon Society/Awards (find out more about the Society and the first two years of the awards), Reviews (of my books), Reviewers Wanted (yes, I’m building a street team and Uncle Scribe wants you to join), Star Trek Fan Fiction, Store (More about that later), Superversive Creators, Superversive Sunday Spotlights, and the Contact/Copyright page.

But only Premium Members, Scribe’s Penmen, will be able to access the following features:


Premium blog/Vlog posts

Videos and Interviews with other authors.

Free Read Fridays

My short stories (a minimum of two short stories will be posted every month)

Richard’s Reviews (my reviews of books, movies, TV shows, games, etc)

Free entry into contests and giveaways not available to non-members.

Some of the short stories to look for are: four of my five Sherlock Holmes pastiches (I’ll have to wait until the end of next year to post #5 here as it is about to be published this fall by MX Publishing), The case files of Jack Del Rio (Jack’s cases while a Deputy Sheriff as well as his early days in the FBI), Murder Impossible (a new detective arrives on the scene and must solve seemingly impossible to solve murders), The Good Man, and Memory Island (a man awakens on the beach of an uninhabited island with no memory of who he is or how he got there.) And my sci-fi peeps needn’t fret, I’ve got stories for you including some new offerings: The Cospri Files, The Medallion, and Esrevinu to go along with my weekly (Free) Star Trek Fan Fiction series that looks to run at least through the end of March 2021.

I’ll be adding some new features as we go along and will keep you updated as they go live. Speaking of things coming…

You will note on most of my pages for my books that we will be adding the ability for readers to purchase e-book copies directly from me. In addition to MOBI format e-reading devices, we will offer EPUB and PDF versions of each book for those who don’t have MOBI-only devices.

Those files should be up and running soon with purchase links (and cheaper than Amazon too.)

You might have also noticed a Store page in the menu. There will be site and book-related merchandise coming in the near future. I have examples of a patch and a challenge coin up there right now.

I’m looking at adding t-shirts, postcards, mugs, signed print copies of my books, etc. as we go along too.

And if that wasn’t keeping busy enough, I still have two dozen books planned out to write. So why don’t you go sign up for the premium membership and check out the goodies while I get back to writing.

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