Tired Of Those With Nothing To Offer But Hate

I’m tired.

I’m tired of the hate. I’m tired of people whose hearts are so filled with hate they seek out and destroy other people for the sole crime of not thinking the same way they do. I’m tired of seeing innocent creators being attacked, seeing their ability to earn a living off of their creations damaged or outright destroyed.

I’m tired of seeing these hate-filled people crowing about their latest attack with impunity. I’m tired of seeing people giving these hate-filled vermin, not only a pass, but also encouraging them to continue on with their evil ways.

I’m tired of seeing good people like amazing cover artist Jae Lee getting slandered while dealing with the loss of a beloved pet by talentless asshats like Tom King for the simple crime of doing his job.  I’m tired of seeing whisper networks in the comics, books, movies, television, and games industries ruining lives for no other reason than for their own amusement.

I’m tired of dealing with these sub-humans personally, as I have for nearly four years now, for the crime of giving away a free book to a comic con in Wisconsin after the entire literary track canceled their appearances – my sole reason for doing so was so that the con attendees who were there for the literary portion would at least get something for their money and I’ve been a target of the swinish multitude ever since. I’m tired of seeing them attacking others for as meaningless a reason too. I’m tired of seeing them do so without suffering any consequences for their foul deeds. I’m tired of people who should be standing up against this are choosing instead to do nothing about it.

I’m tired of turning the other cheek and hoping truth, and right, will out and, eventually, these dregs of humanity will be exposed for all the world to see and be permanently chased back down into the sewer from whence they sprang and I suspect many others, including Jae Lee, are fast approaching this threshold as well.

I’m tired of wondering if any of this is worth it anymore. I’m tired of fighting the good fight and banging my head against the immovable object and seeing nothing gained in return. I’m tired of looking at the calendar and wondering how many more days remain until I reach the day when I say I’m done with all of it.

I’m tired…




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