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Well congratulations, Woke Warriors, you finally got your way at last. You got that big scalp you’ve been on the warpath for: The Washington Redskins are no more.

GIVADAMI’m not even mad. Maybe I’d be a little more irritated if you’d pulled it off a few years back, but nowadays? Naw, Soi dudes and dudettes (and dude-its, dude-theys,… did I miss anyone?), I ran out of fucks to give to any professional or college team/league weeks ago. As far as I am concerned every sports league, every team, every player, coach, official, broadcaster, journalist etc., etc., anyone attached to the entire sports world can take a flying leap off the top of the Washington Monument.

The entirety of the sports world should be burned down to the ground, the soil salted heavily so nothing can ever grow in its place again and as a warning to future generations to never let it happen again. Let’s see these overpaid, underworked, spoiled prima donnas get out there and work an honest job for an honest wage for a change.

RedskinsBut to be honest, I’m not surprised you finally mounted the Redskins’ scalp on your coup stick, I’m just surprised it took you this long to get it done. Of course, you did have to wait for a weasel to become NFL Commissioner first, so there is that.

You see, back in 2002/2003 (I don’t have a copy of the column saved thanks to a neighbor’s destructive cat that broke into our garage and decided the box of my clips was a perfect litter box. Also, the nitwit in charge of the paper at the time was too incompetent and too worried about cutting costs to make the shareholders another couple of pennies, to have a proper server set up to save anything put up on the paper’s website beyond 30 days) I wrote a piece regarding California’s big push to strike any Native American-based mascot names from high school teams.

Two of our local teams (Gustine Reds and Chowchilla Redskins) would lose their mascot. I asked at the time, which mascot would be the next to be declared “unclean” by the PC Police. That’s what we called the “Woke” back then. Different name, same stupidity.

cropped_cropped_Notre-Dame-fighting-irish-logoAs a joke, pure parody mind you, I said the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame had to go, along with Vikings, Browns, Patriots, etc. etc. Fast forward nearly two decades and…

…within hours of the Redskins being stricken from the Washington franchise, this happened: Petition to ban Fighting Irish mascot

And this: Washington Post Op-Ed: Texas Rangers racist mascot

And this: MLB’s Indians, Braves mascots under fire

The Babylon Bee wrote a piece of satire and I will not be surprised if every single team eventually gets targeted by the Wokians for the very reasons the Bee lists in this article: Bee: Here’s What’s Problematic With Each Of The NFL’s 32 Team Names

Roughly 17-18 years later and every word of warning I typed in that long-ago column has now come to pass. I predict it will only get worse and with each passing day more of the sk120517daprleague’s real fan base will walk away as I have. They are the ones that buy the season tickets, buy the gear and support the teams. When they depart, the void will not be filled by the woke mob. They’ll be too busy moving on to their next victim. They are a subversive virus that can only destroy. They cannot sustain or create.

Before the end of this decade, professional and college sports will be no more. And to be honest, after many years of covering sports and enjoying the games, I’m perfectly fine with that. None of the leagues deserve to survive if they and their players cannot remember that the fans are not a captive audience for their respective political platforms. The leagues, teams, coaches and players serve the fans’ interest in one way and one way only: To entertain the paying customers, not to preach at them.

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  1. Most of my Indian friends rooted for the Redskins. I wonder if they’ll still root for the Washington team or if they’ll walk away now.

    Fans are a fickle bunch. They’ll endure years of this or that thing, but some X that they hold dear and they’ll walk. I walked away from MLB after the ’94 strike. 26 years later I’ve attended 2 games (because relatives wanted to go) and watched/listened to parts of 3 other games. Honestly, I don’t miss it much, especially with the steroid abuse.

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