Sports Ban Update

I saw the cartoon above and it summed up my feelings toward the NFL in particular and the entire sports world in general. As I mentioned earlier, I’m walking away, and turning off the sports channels. From what I am hearing, so are many others.

And recent news this past week has only served to strengthen my resolve.

Second Edition (2020)

One of my sports non-fiction books, From The Fields, chronicles the first 100 years for high school football in my hometown, Turlock, California. One of the many players covered within the book is one, Colin Kaepernick. Colin, who never breathed a word of any issues he “allegedly” had in Turlock prior to this year, is teaming up with Jemele Hill and others to produce a series that will cover his formative years in high school. They imply Turlock is as racist a city as any found in the 1950s Deep South. This is a lie of course, but they don’t care and none in the major media will call them on it.

The NFL is bending a knee to Colin and his woke crowd and will play the Black National Anthem at games prior to playing the National Anthem. I kinda remember a big to-do back in the 1950s and 1960s to end segregation. Not sure two anthems based on skin color helps here. 

RedskinsThe NFL has also begun pressuring one team to change its name. If the Redskins fall to this push, just watch the Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves and a few other teams get put into the pressure cooker.

Then we have the NBA, which is going to allow social justice messages to be displayed on the players’ uniforms. Interestingly enough, #FreeHongKong is not on the list of approved messages. I guess when you are so deep into the pocket of a murderous regime you can only be so “woke”, eh?

So, yeah, my decision to walk away stands. I even withdrew from both of my fantasy football leagues. I’ve been in the hobby for over thirty years but this will be the first time since 1989 that I will not participate.

downloadESPN and all of the other sports channels are either blocked or the subscription canceled. Same goes for anything Disney related. I’m just going to “let it go.” As far as the major networks, I haven’t watched a single second of any of their shows for five years anyway, so not watching a single broadcast second of their sports programming won’t be an issue either.

I will not give one more second of my time, not one more penny of my income, to any league, network or player until they remember that the lure of sports was always that chance to get away from the troubles of life if but for just a few precious hours. And you’ll forgive me if I don’t want to be told how evil I am for being a part of a society so terrible, so unfair to these players, that they make millions of dollars for playing a kid’s game for a living.

When I see LeBron James play a season at minimum wage and driving to the arena in a 1976 VW Bug maybe, just maybe, I’ll feel sorry for how rough his life is.

But if these entities and players insist on dragging politics and non-sports issues into their arenas well, they can preach to someone else. I’ll go find other entertainment that will allow me to relax and take a break from the world for a while.

I’ll read a book, watch an older movie or maybe queue up a video of an old NFL game from the 1970s on YouTube – there’s a bunch of them online that are better-played than most of what the NFL offers these days anyway. 

I suggest you do the same. Here’s a few you might find of interest: Books By Richard Paolinelli.





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