Let Us Forsake The Dark And Walk In The Light

I wanted to touch on a subject raised by a reader regarding my recent posts about Superversive vs. subversive writing.

The reader wanted more on how to delineate between the two. To be honest, if reading the linked-to material didn’t explain it then there probably isn’t anything I can add that would clear up any confusion aside from maybe this:

Superversive looks at humanity with hope and looks to build up. Subversive looks at humanity as an evil lost cause and looks to tear down and burn it all to ash without offering a better alternative to replace what they want to destroy. Their respective stories reflect those philosophies.

maxresdefaultAnother reader wanted me to call out the subversive authors. I think I’ll pass. I’ve spent parts of the last three years fighting online with many subversive authors and the lower-end of the gene pool that supports them on certain, so-called, fan sites and blogs. In my defense, I only did so after one such, shall we say Vile Lord of Subversive Darkness, viciously attacked me for the sole crime of… wait for it… giving away a free copy of my very Superversive book, Escaping Infinity, at a comic book convention that the Cancel Culture mob had declared “unclean”.

Earlier this year I finally washed my hands of that lot for good. I have, as my grandson would say many years ago, “no more minutes” for them. I have no desire to get any more of that muck on me. I have too much work to do to let them be any more of a distraction than they’ve already been.

originalI prefer to focus on the Superversive, the positive side of all writing genres and not just sci-fi and fantasy, that I feel most readers are hungering for. I prefer to renounce the subversive darkness and walk the Superversive path of the light.  

Which is why, every Sunday morning, I will be introducing you to a Superversive author in my Superversive Sunday Spotlight series. The first interview runs this Sunday with author John M. Olsen.

And it is why I have compiled a list of Superversive Publishers & Authors which I will be updating from time to time. Each name will have a link to either that author’s website or their Amazon page where you can find their books.

Please check them out. I promise you that you will find nothing but incredible, well- crafted stories that you will not only enjoy but might even make the world at large look a little less dim. And these days finding brighter and better times in our lives has become a little more valuable, wouldn’t you agree?



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