Superversive Sunday

If you have been following this blog recently, you’ve probably seen – and hopefully read – my series of posts discussing Superversive writing. If you haven’t seen/read them then here’s your chance to catch up by clicking the link below:

Superversive Posts

Now that we’re all up to speed…

My posts have set off several discussions on Twitter and on Facebook and they have been quite informative. Hopefully, they’ve introduced new readers to the Superversive writing style and why it is superior to the subversive. I’m also hoping they take advantage of the chance to check out some of the authors and publishers you’ll find on this list here on my site:

Superversive Publishers/Authors

To help that process along, beginning next Sunday right here on my blog, I’ll be introducing you to a Superversive author, allowing he or she to tell you a little bit about themselves and their works and why you should be reading them.

I am looking forward to this weekly feature a lot and I hope you all will enjoy it too. So check back next week for our first spotlighted Superversive author, John M. Olsen.

And, um, while you are waiting for that, there is a certain Superversive author you could check out right now. Just saying…

Books by Richard Paolinelli 



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