The Timeless Series: Through The Superversive Lens

Superversive writing has heroes, romance, conflict and above all else, an ending that makes the readerhapp they spent their time reading thr story.

Today i wanted to run the first two books of the Timeless series, The Timeless and Secret of the Sphinx, through the Superversive filter. As for the rest of the series, barring anymore disasters (and that is questionable at best in 2020, isn’t it?) the final four books of the series should be out by the end of the year.

DBjb5MaXoAAMEtoSo lets take a look at the first two, starting with The Timeless. 

We begin with an intrepid young author, right out of school, on a mission from the solar system’s governor to travel to a prison on Pluto. His task is to worm information out of the prison’s infamous inmate, Little John Singapore. Singapore is the First Mate of The Timeless, an 18th Century three-masted pirate ship capable of sailing through air and space, on water and anywhere in time.

Oh yes, did I mention that this is a steampunk, young adult adventure that any reader from age 10 to 100 will enjoy reading? It is set in a future when our galaxy has wandered into an area of space that has literally turned out the lights. No electronic technology works now and only the discovery of Aether allows humanity to travel about.

Little John Singapore

The Captain of the Timeless is Rock Congo and he is every ounce a swashbuckling pirate and Governor Garabaldi wants to know where Congo can be found and why he has reneged on his agreement to help capture insterstellar thief Duchess Moran.

Moran is not from Earth, but she has become tired of the Earth-led Alliance interferring in her theivery. So she decides that the best way to end that interference is to change Earth’s past so that the Alliance never forms.

Garabaldi has become aware of her plans and captures the Timeless and her crew. He gives them the option to either track down Moran and stop her, or off to prison on Pluto for immediate execution, the punishment for pirates.

The Timeless sets sail for ancient Sparta, where Moran has plans to kidnap Leonidas before he can make his stand at the Hot Gates at Thermopylae against the Persians. Congo, Singapore and the Timeless’ crew arrive just after Leonidas has been kidnapped and sets off in pursuit.

SpartanMoran and Congo come face to face for the first time in Ancient Greece and Singapore sees in an instant that they are all in a load of trouble. The Captain and the theif have fallen for one another and that is only going to make matters worse. Moran flees as Leonidas is rescued and history is preserved.

But, as Secret of the Sphinx opens, we know Moran has not yet given up on her quest to remove Earth from her path. Only know she is back in Ancient Egypt looking for a rare gem that has the power to raise an unstopable army of the undead.

A visit to the lost library in Alexandria leads to a secret chamber within the Sphinx, a chamber that will tell Moran exactly where, and when, to find this powerful gem. 

sphinx_egypt_landmark_egyptian_ancient_cairo_desert_architecture-1210983Moran gains possession of the gem and unleashes the horde as the Timeless arrives on scene. While the ship and her crew battle the attacking undead. Congo and Singapore try to capture Moran and the gem. They get the gem, but Moran once again makes her escape, the undead army is banished and history remains intact. For now.

The pursuit of Moran continues, with many twists and turns and all of it very superversive indeed.

Check out the first two books below and get ready for the final four adventures. 





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