Superversive Vs. Subversive

The last two days I’ve been talking about the two sides that exist – in writing and in society in general – and why I’ve chosen to walk the Superversive path as a writer and a person.

It is really an easy choice when you break it down. Superversive builds up, encourages, has a positive outlook toward the future even in the darkest of times and sees the good in the past while acknowledging where the past came up short.

Subversive tears down, it destroys, it sees only evil in everyone and everything. Subversive offers only chaos, mayhem and destruction. It feeds off these things and demands that everyone and everything be judged as wrong – except its practitioners of course – and in need of being unpersoned and erased from historical memory.

One is the light. The other is the dark. And I cannot abide the darkness that is subversive.

So I align myself with other authors who practice the superversive way: Declan Finn, Brian Niemeier, Larry Correia, Russell Newquist, John C. Wright, L. Jagi LamplighterStephanie Osborn, and many, many more. (For those I didn’t list above, my apologies but know your efforts to forward the Superversive way are greatly appreciated.)

Superversive Press was the great beacon for all of us and we were all sad when SP shut down earlier this year. But while the publishing house is no more, the movement behind it remains alive and well because of those authors who continue to create stories that meet this ideal. I have yet to encounter a superversive story that hasn’t been a pleasure to read. No matter the genre or the story arc they have all been incredibly well-crafted page-turners.

Nor have I seen anyone within the Superversive movement call for another author to be de-platformed or have their books not get published because they do not align with our way of thinking. That bit of skullduggery belongs solely to the Subverse crowd that has infested sci-fi/fantasy for far too long.

The prime examples I can think of in the subversive crowd are N.K. Jemisin,  Jeannette Ng, John Scalzi, Cat Rambo, Mary Robinette Kowal, Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden, and several others. They, along with some help from folks like ChinaMike – Lord of the House of 770 Vile Aromas – and a few others, seem to prefer the darkness. They feed off it or so it would seem.

Not only are their stories tiresome – white men evil, civilization as we’ve known it is evil, everyone is racist (except for them of course as they are as pure as the wind-driven snow) – but because they are filled with anger and hate all they can do is tear down and attack those that don’t agree with them. They also take pleasure in destroying established SF/F franchises (yes, I’m looking at you J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson).

Where the Superversive author is: “You write your stories, I’ll write mine and we go our way in peace”, the Subversive crowd is totalitarian: “You will read only our works. No one else is allowed to write and be published unless they meet our approval. Any who dare defy us must be attacked and destroyed.”

As I have said before: I prefer the Superversive path. If you are a reader new to this conflict you probably are unaware of much of what went on in the previous decade. The Subversives – like a cancer – moved in and took over the main publishing houses and awards in SF/F. They ran off those who did not think only approved thoughts. They have attacked those that laid down the foundations of SF/F and attempted to erase them from memory. Google Ng’s acceptance speech of what used to be known as the John W. Campbell Award at the Hugos. Then Google Jemisin’s hate-filled rant when accepting her third Hugo award.

Then ask yourself this: Is this the type of SF/F that I want to read? Is this the type of people who speak to the kind of future I want to see?

If your answers are no, then welcome to the brotherhood and sisterhood of Superversive. We have banded together to preserve the best of all SF/F and offer a better vision of the future. And if you want to find out who to read, just keep an eye on this blog, check out the names I listed above as well as the past and future winners of the Dragon Awards and the Helicon Awards.

You have chosen to leave behind the dark, ugly side of SF/F. It is a small, but vocal, faction that eventually will consume itself with its own hatred and fade into its well-deserved obscurity.

imagesYou have chosen the light. You have chosen The Way.


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