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FREE READ FRIDAY: The Path of Ravens

Its Friday!!! That means its time for you to download another free book for your Kindle device!

This week it is: The Path of Ravens

Norse & Greek mythology meets Lovecraftian monsters in “a brilliant concept… an excellent mix of fantasy and myth. From start to finish, it just didn’t stop–adventure and excitement all the way.” (Amazon Customer review)

Thamoth and the other Atlanteans raised from the dead alongside him have but one purpose: to fight an unstoppable, unthinking enemy, The Myriad, which has already conquered Olympus. Their leader Ares and the witch Medea may consider the Atlanteans expendable, but Thamoth is determined to save his people and lead them to sanctuary. He will meet a silent slayer of giants and adopt her world as his own. At great personal cost, he will unlock the secrets of his forgotten past. Thamoth’s journey will take him to the throne-room of Lord Odinn and down the twisted roots of the ancient World Tree Yggdrasil.

Yet there are troubling signs that the nightmarish enemy Thamoth thought he had escaped will end his second chance at life before it has even begun.

The Path of Ravens is an epic journey that borrows names and places from Norse and Greek myth while creating its own mythology, turning gods into men and women who sweat, bleed, and die to defend what is dear to them.

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