From The Fields: The First Century Edition

Five years ago I released, From The Fields: A History of Prep Football in Turlock, California. That book covered the first 95 years of the game in my hometown. I did make a promise to one of the players from the 1957 team that if I was still alive and kicking after the 2019 season, the 100th played by Turlock High’s football team, I would do a First Century edition of the book.

Well, I ,like to think I’m a man who keeps his word so:

Starting today you can order the print version of the second edition of From The Fields or you can pre-order the Kindle version which comes out on June 16th. Kindle Unlimited subscribers can start in on the book on the 16th as well.

The Kindle price is the same as first edition was, $9.99, but the second edition of the book is priced one dollar higher than the first at $20.20. If you are wondering why the odd price well its simple. Turlock started playing football in 1920 ($19.20 for print copy of the first edition) and since 2020 is the 100th Anniversary of that season then it seemed only right to go for $20.20.

Here is the link to buy the book: From The Fields: The First Century Edition


Here’s is the full print cover:



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