Its METV: SciFi Scribe Style

Just turn on the camera, stick a microphone in front of me and get outta my way!

In the last 48+ hours I put in three appearances on various shows across the country. First, here in my new homestate of Nebraska, I was on Author Chat. The show is put on by the Nebraska Writers Guild, of which I am a proud member. You can catch the show here:

Author Chat

Then, 90 minutes later I was summoned from the bullpen to co-host The Writers Block with Bobbi Jean Bell on LA Talk Radio. Regular co-host Jim Christina was under the weather and opened the show to help celebrate its fifth anniversary. He then went back to bed so he can recover and get back to it next week. Get well soon, Jim! You can listen in here:

The Writer’s Block 5th Anniversary Show

I actually got to catch my breath on Friday, but Saturday evening I was back at it, this time on the Spilling Ink show. Both Jim Christina (guest) and co-host Jason LaVelle were out -of-action. But Katie and J.E. and I had a great time. And some of the questions and comments from the listeners were a hoot too. Watch it right here:

Spilling Ink


Not a bad 48 hours, eh?

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