Good Reads At A Great Price

Ok, you’re stuck at home and you’ve watched everything on TV already. Here is an option, hit the books!

Select Tuscany Bay Books have been lowered in price on Kindle (they are all free on Kindle Unlimited) to give you plenty to read without hitting your wallet too hard. Check out these science fiction, fantasy, mystery and political thrillers while they are on sale!

Books for $0.99


The Timeless (Timeless #1):

Secret Of The Sphinx (Timeless #2):

Reservations (Del Rio #1):


Books for $2.99

Betrayals (Del Rio #2):

Endgames (Del Rio #3):

Escaping Infinity:

When The Gods Fell:


Special prices for Tuscany Bay Books’ Planetary Anthology Series (Normal price $4.99):

Book #1: Pluto  $2.99

Book #2: Luna  $2.99

Book #3: Uranus $3.99

Link for the entire 11-book series:



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