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Entire Planetary Series Available For Pre-Order

The Complete Planetary Anthology Series is now available for purchase and/or pre-order as of right now! The pre-order is for the E-Book edition only and is set at $4.99 each. Print editions will be available for purchase closer to the respective release date for each volume.
(Release dates in parenthesis for Books #3-11)



#2 LUNA:

#3 URANUS (March 3rd):

#4 MERCURY (April 14th):

#5 VENUS (May 26th):

#6 EARTH (July 7th):

#7 MARS (August 18th):

#8 JUPITER (September 29th):

#9 SOL (November 10th):

#10 NEPTUNE (December 22nd):

#11 SATURN (February 2, 2021):

3D_COVERS copy


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