The End Of A Long Journey Nears

It all started over two years ago, when I still called Thousand Oaks, California home. I’d taken on the role as co-editor, along with Dawn Witzke, for Pluto in Superversive Press’ planned 12-book anthology series.

A lot has happened since then. Starting with, I moved to Nebraska, dealt with health issues (my own and other family members), damned near quit as editor (it wasn’t anything Superversive had done and the issue resolved itself quickly), dealt with a myriad of delays that no one could have forseen or prevented and then woke up one morning not so long ago to an email from one of the other editors that SUperversive was stopping the series after only releasing the first five (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars & Jupiter)

That was a fun morning. Realizing two years of work had been for nothing is not the way to start your day. But there was a silver lining. Superversive was open to allowing another publisher to step in and take over. Well, I just so happen to have a publishing house up my sleeve and after consulting with the other half of the Tuscany Bay Books’ dynamic duo, we took Superversive up on their offer.

red spiritual smoke on black background with copy spaceToday, the first payoff arrived:

Pluto, Tuscany Bay Books’ first release in the Planetary Anthology Series, is now live on Amazon for pre-ordering. The book will upload into your Kindle devices on Dec. 5th. It will also be available for free to all KU subscribers.

You can pre-order your copy right here: PLUTO

And check out the book trailer right here: PAS: PLUTO

Many thanks to the 21 authors who contributed these amazing stories to the collection and who hung in there along with me over these last two years:

Like So Many Paper Lanterns – B. Michael Stevens               

Time Out For Pluto – P. A. Piatt                                                

A Brush – J.D. Arguelles                                                           

The Pluto Chronicles – Bokerah Brumley                               

Bat Out Of Hellheim – Corey McCleery                                 

The Rainbow-Colored Rock Hopper – J. Manfred Weichsel          

The Heart Of Pluto – Christine Chase                                     

The Case For Pluto – A.M. Freeman                                       

Marathon To Mordor – Karina L. Fabian                                

Miss Nancy’s Garden – Jim Ryals                                           

On Eternal Patrol – L.A. Behm II                                            

Pluto Invictus – W.J. Hayes                                                     

Worst Contact – Arlan Andrews Sr.                                         

Ambit Of Charon – David Skinner                                          

Sunset Over Gunther – Frank B. Luke                                    

Adaptive Reasoning – John M. Olsen                                     

Judgment Of Anaq – Andy Pluto                                             

Life At The End – Jake Freivald                                              

A Clockwork Dragon – Allen Goodner                                    

The Collector – Declan Finn                                                   

Yes, Neil D. Tyson, Pluto Is A Planet – Richard Paolinelli   


Now its on to working on getting Luna ready for her release date. As soon as we have that information, we will post it here. For now, check out her amazing cover:

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