This Cop Is Unworthy Of The Badge

I’ve lived in eight states over the years, in small towns of a couple hundred population on up to big cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. One of the stops along the way was Thousand Oaks, California – the last town I lived in before packing up and fleeing moving to Nebraska.

I actually liked the area. It was far enough removed from Los Angeles not to feel like a big city but close enough to get to things we enjoyed doing. I am happy to say I am no longer a resident of Thousand Oaks this morning after reading this story:

Police Chief Nixes Event Because, GASP, Republicans Will Be There

That’s right. An event to raise funds for the families of fallen officers – including a Sergeant of the very same station that this man currently commands who gave his life in the line of duty during a mass shooting – has been canceled because the Thousand Oaks’ Chief of Police got his knickers in a knot because Republicans were also invited.

It makes one wonder if the department has a policy to check the voter rolls before deciding to send a car out on a call. If a store owner is a Republican can he expect the police to show up if he is being robbed? If the murder victim is a Republican exactly how hard will the officers investigate the crime? Will they bother arresting a suspect, especially if the suspect turns out to be a Democrat?

You might think I’m taking this to an extreme, but consider this:

If the Chief of Police hates Republicans so much that he will deny money being raised to help the families of fallen officers – including one of his own men – just because they were invited to the event, then how can we trust he can set aside that hatred when it comes to doing his sworn duty: To serve and protect. How can we trust that those under his command haven’t received his message of hate loud and clear and are carrying it out on the streets every day?

To serve and protect goes for everyone living in Thousand Oaks, Chief Hagel. Not just the ones that vote for Democrats. It’s time for Thousand Oaks to have a new chief of police, the current one has disgraced the memory of his fallen Sergeant and police officers everywhere.

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