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Dear Wayback Machine, per your request:

Dear Sir/Madam,
Your website, Wayback Machine, has been saving copies of my website and blog which are being used without my permission by other websites.
As my website contains copyrighted material, I am officially requesting that you block my two domains:
from your service and remove any and all archived copies of my website from your servers. Neither you, nor anyone else, has been given permission to reproduce my content in any form, any where on or off the Internet.
Please see to this matter ASAP.
Thank you,
Richard Paolinelli

5 thoughts on “Dear Wayback Machine, per your request:

    1. Yes. I e-mailed them first. They requested proof of ownership of the site and the easiest way was to post the original request on the site, word-for-word. They have acknowledged and promise to have my site completely scrubbed from their service within 24-48 hours. They were very professional about it.


      1. There seems to be a post on “vile aromas” that states “linking is not piracy,” but I don’t think it has anything to do with you. I saved it for later. Between my day job and my freelance writing, I don’t have a lot of discretionary time. That said, I have been going through the first season of “Star Trek Discovery,” finding it surprisingly good (yes, there’s “social justice,” but it’s not smothering).

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      2. I think he’s referring to Richard Fox’s original complaint, which was the link was to a non-public site that was allowing everyone to read RIchard’s work for free instead of the limited auduence of SFWA members as was originally intended.

        In my case, I did this to keep ChinaMike and his other minons from linking to my website this way. They did it to cherry pick items without letting people see the posts in context or have the ability to navigate the rest of the site to get a complete picture.

        Now, they will have to link to my actual site or not at all. And, if they screen cap, I’ll be sending a DMCA notice to their ISP providers.

        As for STD, I’m not so worried about the obvious SJW garbage. I can usually filter that out with any show or movie.

        My complaint with it is the same as with JJ’s “Kelvin timeline” abominations.

        They are not Star Trek.

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