The Best Accolade Yet

The official announcement is coming later, but I got an e-mail yesterday regarding The Timeless, the first novella in a six-part series. I am writing the series with my grandson


and the first two books are already out.

The e-mail in question came from the New Apple Awards. Back in 2017 they awarded Official Selection in Science Fiction to Escaping Infinity which was a much-appreciated accolade. Wednesday they informed me that The Timeless was honored with Official Selection in the Short Story category. That means it was up against stories from every genre out there, not just in sci-fi and fantasy.

This award is extra special because my grandson is involved and his reaction to the news was the cherry on top of an extra-large ice cream sundae. The celebration has been ongoing ever since, so much so that when I got the e-mail stating that When The Gods Fell did not earn an award in its category I really didn’t mind it at all.

Secret Of The Sphinx (Amazon / Others), the second novella, is already out and we are hammering away on the next two books, Odin’s Runes and Empire of the Golden Dragon. Check them out. I think you’ll see why the judges gave it such high marks.



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