The First Sunday Of The Season

Hey Sharon! Guess what day is it?

No, it’s not Wednesday, or even hump day, its the first Sunday of the NFL’s 100th season. So guess what I’m doing today?

My Sundays from September through January (and occasionally February) involve watching NFL football. Normally it has been from the comfort of my own living room, as is the case today. But during my sports writing days I spent the occasional Sunday at an NFL stadium.

533013_427148953987460_877553292_nFrom Tempe Stadium in Arizona to the Alameda County Coliseum in Oakland and Candlestick Park in San Francisco I got to prowl the sidelines and get an up-close look at the game’s best players. I even got to cover the AFC Championship game in Oakland between the Raiders and the Baltimore Ravens the year the Ravens went on to win their first Super Bowl.

In the meantime, good luck to your teams today, unless its the Giants because I’m a Cowboys fan, and enjoy the season!

*     *     *     *     *

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