Hollywood, Is The Word ‘Original’ Unknown To You?

So I am minding my own business today, trying to avoid the daily double of being sent to both Twitter Jail and Facebook Gulag again, when this gem raced across my news feed:

“Disney chief exec Bob Iger has already confirmed reimaginations of a number of fan favorites. “Home Alone,” “Night at the Museum” and “Cheaper by the Dozen” are just some of the movies that will be rebooted for Disney+.




Seriously? SERIOUSLY????

It seems every 10 years or so, Hollywood recycles the movies it previously made but this time with new casts. And usually ruins them. There are very few examples of movies remade/rebooted being better than the originals.

The Thomas Crown Affair is one. Steve McQueen was a great actor and I loved all of his movies including the original. But the Pierce Brosnan/Rene Russo remake was the superior film. That should have been that for the film.

Murder on the Orient Express is another. Kenneth Branaugh knows how to make great cinema and his remake outshines Peter Ustinov’s version. But these are the exceptions, rather than the rule. In most cases, the remakes are horrid hot messes that usually have little to do with the original except in name only.

The Equalizer was a great 1980s TV show. Edward Woodward a fantastic actor. Denzel Washington also is a great actor and the two remakes are good stories. But they aren’t The Equalizer. Had they made these films and not used that name nor the main character’s names, they’d have done just as well.

Now, Hollywood is making a third version of the Thomas Crown Affair? Ugh….

The less said about J.J. Abrams assassination of Star Trek canon (Kelvin timeline? Burn in hell, J.J.) with his remake of Gene Roddenberry’s classic sci-fi TV series the better. And the J.J. Abrams/Rian Johnson pre-meditated murder of the Star Wars franchise? This is a PG-13 rated blog, so take a wild guess what I’d like to say about that here but cannot.

Look, there are plenty of fantastic novels out there that should be made into film or TV series. How about Jack McDevitt’s Alex Benedict series, or Priscilla Hutchins series? Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International series? I dare someone in Hollywood to take a run at adapting Escaping Infinity into film.

These are original stories – among many, many others – that are more than worthy and need to be up on the big screen (or the not-so-little HD screens in living rooms around the world). Show us these stories, not stale reboots of films remade for the third, fourth or even fifth time.

You want to know why Hollywood’s box office numbers were down this year, despite the MCU films racking up record box office takes?

We’re sick and tired of the same old, same old. Show us something new, Hollywood, something original.





3 thoughts on “Hollywood, Is The Word ‘Original’ Unknown To You?”

  1. On the other hand, three-time Hugo winner N.K. Jemisin’s “Broken Earth” trilogy is being made into some sort of video game, so there is that. 😉

    I agree that, with rare exception, Hollywood hasn’t had an original idea in decades. They just update popular franchises to the social justice values that are hot at any given moment and trust that A: the franchise itself will pull in a huge audience/gaggle of money, and B: that the social justice tropes will pull in audiences (which sometimes isn’t true or, “get woke, go broke”) and earn popular and critical acolytes for social justice. It literally doesn’t matter whether good storytelling/filmmaking was involved or not.

    1. Goes and checks the catalog of the video game publisher who is doing this. (a) I’m not surprised its them doing it instead of a major video game publisher and (b) happy to say I’ve never played a game made by this company.

  2. Oh, I forgot. It’s not just lack of originality that is Hollywood’s big problem. Not only does Hollywood feel that they have to inject a social justice commentary into each and every movie and TV show, but they get totally trashed if they don’t go far enough. Here’s someone who thinks that Marvel has failed social justice, or at least not taken it to the lengths DC has: https://blackgirlnerds.com/convenient-seasons-and-why-the-mcu-doesnt-get-props-for-lgbtq-diversity/

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