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Club Twitmo Parolee

They let me out of Club Twitmo, but not before the Zuck Bots from Fail, er, I mean Facebook threw me in stir too – for complaining about being thrown into Twitter jail over on Fail, er, I mean, Facebook.

It was that kind of day.

Here’s a video of me getting out of Twitmo, being pursued by the Zuck Bots, blowing right past the one hiding out trying to grab me before I got back out into Cyberspace a free man.

4 thoughts on “Club Twitmo Parolee

  1. I just asked a forbidden question on twitter to a local news agency. Now let’s see how long my twitter account lasts. I should note that I phrased my question in a very respectful manner and used no name calling whatsoever.

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