Holiday In Stir

No blog post today. I’m in Twitter jail – we call it Club Twitmo here on the Blue Mile – for daring to ask a presidential candidate what he said to the parents of a murder victim whose murderer was granted sanctuary instead of being deported.

I got 12 hours in the slammer today for speaking truth to power. Oh well…

I just hope you are all enjoying a wonderful day off today. Spending it with family and friends and maybe queuing up some good eats! Now then, where’s my harmonica…

*     *     *     *     *

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3 thoughts on “Holiday In Stir”

    1. You might. It was stupid I got the 12-hour ban over asking legitimate questions of a political candidate for POTUS.

      They are really living up to the name of “TwitterStapo” that I gave them a few weeks back, aren’t they?

      1. So far so good. My twitter account is still up and running. I wonder how much of the banning is solely controlled by algorithms without any human intervention?

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