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No Need To Jettison The EC. Just Adjust It.

I’m going to dabble a little in politics today, just not the way you’re expecting.

It seems that Sandy Cortez – the notorious @AOC – hates the Electoral College because “it’s unfair to POCs.” No really, the EC is racist. Don’t ask me to translate her explanation as to why this is so. But I can explain why she hates it. It’s because her candidate of choice lost in 2016. If Hillary wins we don’t hear a peep out of Sandy or anyone else about the Electoral College.

Its sour grapes.

It also ignores the simple fact that (a) the United States is NOT a democracy in its purest form and (b) the popular vote has NEVER determined the outcome of the election of the President of the United States. The Electoral College has selected all 45 Presidents to one or more terms ever since George Washington was first elected back in the before time.

I assume she was too busy dancing or learning how to make a killer rum and coke whilst in high school to be bothered with civics class. And if she were the only knucklehead out there calling for abolishing the EC, then I’d dismiss it and move on. Sadly, she isn’t.

So, in the interest of figuring out how to make everyone happy on this issue, I have a solution. We keep the EC but we adjust how it is calculated so that everyone’s vote counts equally while at the same time keeping true to the Founders intent that large urban areas, or states with greater populations, didn’t get to pick the President every four years while giving an extended middle finger to the people in the lesser populated states and rural areas.

Because the concerns and needs of those in the rural areas are not the same as those in the megacities. As a prime example, I give you the young woman in San Francisco that wrote a letter to the editor of the S.F. Chronicle. She was complaining about those hick farmers over in the San Joaquin Valley that are wasting all that water, that she needed to take a shower, on growing food.

I’m not sure where she thinks her Kale comes from, or any of the other produce she purchases, but dammit those water-wasting farmer had to be stopped! I wish I could say she was a one-off, but having lived in San Francisco for 18 months, I can assure you that she is not.

And in California, the Los Angeles and San Francisco megacities rule the state. What they say goes and they say to hell with the rest of the state. It’s why the state is a garbage bin and why so many are fleeing.

Get rid of the EC and California and New York basically run the country. The other 48 states can go pound sand. Having seen the damage that those states have inflicted upon themselves, I thank the Founders every day for the EC.

So, what’s my grand solution that keeps the EC and makes the popular vote meaningful?

Here’s the plan.

Every state is broken down by its individual counties, boroughs or parishes. Each vote is counted in said county. The candidate with the most votes in that county wins the county and is given 1 point. The candidate with the most points wins that state. In case of a tie, the popular vote of that state breaks the tie.

The winning candidate is then assigned 1 point for that state. The first candidate to 26 points when the states are counted up, wins the election and is our next POTUS. In case of a 25-25 tie, the national popular vote is the tie-breaker.

Everyone’s vote counts the same. Every state matters as much as any other and the candidates will be forced to compete for all of them instead of crossing off smaller states as “we can afford to lose that state.”

I’ll take it a step further. We do the same for a U.S. Senate seat. Every county gets a point and the candidate with the most points wins the seat. This allows smaller counties to feel represented by their senator.

I’ll point once again to California. Do you honestly believe that two career San Francisco politicians (Feinstein and Harris) truly represent the interests and concerns of the people in Stanislaus County? Butte County? Placer County? Kern County?

They don’t.

But under this plan, the residents of these counties will finally have a say in who their senator is instead of just the residents of the Los Angeles and Bay Area counties as has been the case for far too long.

This plan would also kill gerrymandering (which is why no politician will support it) as you would divide the state by counties for the House of Representatives instead of using partisan committees drawing bizarre maps to keep their party in power or a seat safe.

California, for example, is allocated 55 seats in the House and has 58 counties. In this plan, each county gets to elect a representative to the House. Los Angeles get one, San Francisco gets one. As it stands now, each has several. Three of the smallest counties would share a representative with one other county that borders it. No county can have more than one rep, and no county can be divided up between two reps. There would be no need to redraw district lines.

More importantly, the people in every county would have someone in Congress that is truly representing them. Their individual vote would count the same in Madera County as it does in Los Angeles County.

One person, one vote. Isn’t that what all the fuss is about, after all?

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4 thoughts on “No Need To Jettison The EC. Just Adjust It.

  1. For her it’s much more simple. She wants to make it so only Democrats when from this point forward forever. From her perspective, problem solved, and the unwashed white masses of rural America can fade into significance, even though they have the same rights as citizens as their urban counterparts.

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  2. That’s not something any of the Progressives will ever go for simply because they can’t appeal to most of the rural states. Conservatives and libertarians would easily take “fly over” country. And even though there are more small urban states along the east coast, it wouldn’t make up for the large rural areas between the mountain ranges.

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