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Last Days To Get Some Great Book Deals

The last holiday weekend of the summer is here. Its time for #WeekendReads! Are you looking for some good #HolidayReads? Check out these books for all ages and genres!

Even more important, one is free, five are on sale and all of them will be increasing in price after Labor Day ends. Get your copies now!

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Lost on a dark desert highway, Pete Childress was just looking for a good night’s sleep. He found the Infinity Hotel instead. Now, the fate of a ruined world lays in the hands of a man trapped within a hotel with no exits.

Think you can escape The Infinity?





1556905304For eons, House Olympia ruled the fourth planet from the Sun in peace and prosperity. But only two centuries into Zeus’ reign on the throne a darkness is spreading over the land. A darkness that threatens to erupt into a winner-take-all battle between all of the planet’s houses.

Everything we thought we knew about our origins is wrong. When we finally land the first humans from Earth on the surface of Mars in 2041 our history will change and our future will be in great peril.




*** The Timeless series, all available for just $0.99 each ***

THE TIMELESS (Timeless #1)

1564615499Little John Singapore, first mate of the time-travelling pirate ship, Timeless, sits in a prison cell on Pluto awaiting execution.

But while he waits for his number to be drawn for the hangman’s noose, he agrees to tell one story each day about his ship and his captain, Rock Congo, and their pursuit across space and time of the renowned interstellar thief, Duchess Moran.

Moran wants to undo Earth’s past and prevent the creation of the Alliance that has thwarted her plans for the last time. Her first target? King Leonidas of Sparta. If she can prevent him leading his 300 warriors to Thermopylae the foundations of democracy will never be laid for the many generations to follow.

Can Captain Congo and First Mate Singapore save the day and all of history?




1564615766Moran has now targeted ancient Egypt in her quest to change the past and rid the galaxy of Earth and the Alliance.

She is on the hunt for a powerful gem, the Eye of Anubis, that is said to have the power to raise an unstoppable army of the dead. With it, she can wipe out every living creature on Earth centuries before the Alliance is ever formed.

But Captain Congo, First Mate Singapore and the crew of the Timeless are hot on her trail – from the Library of Alexandria, to the construction of the Sphinx and beyond.

Can they find her in time before she uses the Eye to unleash an army of the undead upon the world?





1556905562Steven Collins was trying to save the planet and wound up killing seven billion human beings instead. Now, 100 years later, he is the last hope to save what remains of humanity.






1556904841Rising star FBI Agent Jack Del Rio, fresh off of thwarting an assassination of the Queen of England, has been sent to the Navajo Reservation. Someone, or something, is killing the Tribal Council one by one. But is it a Supernatural, or human, killer and can Del Rio stop him?

Book 1 of the Del Rio series is **FREE** on Amazon, Nook, Kobo and several other e-book platforms.




1556904725In Book 2 of the Series, Del Rio is back in D.C. and facing a decades-old conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. Government from within. A conspiracy with ties to a dark secret in his family’s own past. Now, Del Rio has seven days to save his country.

To do so, he may have to assassinate the very man he is sworn to protect above all others, the President of the United States of America.




1556905003In Book 3, Del Rio now becomes the hunted. Wanted as an International terrorist, Del Rio must remain free long enough to finally defeat the last vestiges of the conspiracy. But he will pay a very high price to do so and once again save his country.



All three books are also available as an audiobook. A fourth book in the series, Shades, will be released Winter 2019/2020.



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