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Let’s Play Ball!

Labor Day weekend is always a weird time for me. I’m a sports guy after all, I made my living covering the games for a very long time.

533013_427148953987460_877553292_nEven though I don’t cover the games anymore, yes, that is me on the sidelines prior to a Raiders-Cowboys preseason game many years ago, I still have my favorite teams and I play Fantasy Football. So when the first of September rolls around, I’m drafting my teams – I play in two leagues now (my all-time high was in the double-digits) – and gearing up to watch the Dallas Cowboys, Winnipeg Blue Bombers and North Dakota State Bison.

By now my Colorado Rockies are usually so far out of the postseason in baseball that I can’t tell you who is on the roster any longer. That was the case this year. So I have had all of August to get ready for some football.

Speaking of baseball, check out A Scribe’s Journey tomorrow at Noon EDT. My guest is J. David Herman who has written a book about the Columbus Clippers, a AAA affiliate of the New York Yankees. It’s called “Almost Yankees”. He focuses on a single season for the UMP_BabeLarsenYogi2Clippers back in the 1980s. We’ll be talking about how he went about researching the book and making sure it was historically accurate.

And if that isn’t enough of a baseball fix, check out Perfection’s Arbiter, my book on former major league player and National League umpire, Babe Pinelli. That’s him in between Yankees pitcher Don Larsen and catcher Yogi Berra.

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m up in the draft and I have to choose between Amari Cooper or Calvin Ridley for my WR2. Decisions, decisions…

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