Anthology Man Rides Again!

When I made the decision to step away from the newspaper gig – and boy did I flee that industry just in the nick of time – I intended to write nothing but novels. And I have, seven to be precise with a few more in the works as you read this.

I never gave a thought to writing short stories or novellas. If you had told me seven years ago that I’d be writing shorts stories as well as novels, I’d likely still be laughing at you. Yet, here we are in 2019 and I’m looking at my bookshelf and submissions spreadsheets and I’m not laughing. I’m wheezing from exhaustion, yes, but not laughing.

PoeSo far, I’ve been published in seven anthologies. Numbers eight, nine and ten are coming out in the next month or so. Two others have been accepted and await publication dates in the near future and I’ve submitted to six others that I’m waiting to hear back on. And I just started working on a story for a new anthology call that was recently put out. And all this under four different publishers.

And that doesn’t include the six-book novella series, Timeless, which still needs the final four novellas published (that’s coming soon too) nor the seven-book novellas series (its actually just four, that’s part of the joke), the Divine Trolls Comedieswhich just needs the last book completed and published.

I don’t know about you, but I lost count of how many short stories, all written within the last 2-3 years, I’ve either completed or are very nearly finished with. On top of writing the planned novels, running this blog, producing A Scribe’s Journey, preparing to launch a second podcast later this year…

You might ask me when I have time to get any sleep.

What is this “sleep” you speak of?

 *     *     *     *     *

I was considering writing a post about the extremists in science fiction and fantasy and how they are killing both the genre as a whole and its fandom. And let’s be clear, there are extremists on both sides – left (you already know who if you’ve been following my blog) and right (Vox Day and Jon del Arroz) – who are responsible for the damage being done.

nWXa8aIBut I felt we’ve pretty much beat this horse to death lately. To be honest, I’m sick of both sides and have taken steps to block or mute most of them. I take heart from the fact that it appears their reach with SF/F is starting to wane. Many people, like myself, have grown tired of their foolishness. We just want to enjoy well-written stories and beautifully crafted art, comics, movies and TV shows without the political indoctrination of either ideology drowning out the fun.

A pox on both their houses and let’s not let them ruin SF/F for us, what do you say?

 *     *     *     *     *

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